House Church

Joining a House Group is a truly awesome approach to become connected with individuals in church and to praise God. laud God for the chance to be a piece of a gathering who petition God for one another and care for one another.

Despite the fact that every one of our House Groups has its own one of a kind flavor, the greater part of the gatherings have the same 3 reasons, which are:

1. Develop good quality relationship with God
2. Have Bible Study that applies to our lives
3. Urge responsibility


A large portion of our House Groups meet on a Wednesday – Saturday evening, and will hang out appreciating the cooperation, supplication to God, Bible study and regularly nourishment! House Groups join together once every week for a focal Prayer & Praise gathering.


There are presently more than 40 House Groups meeting at different areas around the state.


Every House Group is driven by 2 or more experienced pioneers.House Group Leaders are in charge of directing the life of their House Group and guaranteeing that the gathering is driven in a manner that lauds God. We are massively honored to have such a variety of adoring and worker hearted House Group Leaders who have a noteworthy influence in the life of the congregation.


On the off chance that you might want to enquire about joining a House Group, then please contact us utilizing the feedback form in the Contact us page. We’ll help you discover a House Group that is suitable for your circumstances and one in which you can develop and serve.

Area Meet

Each House Group fits in with an Area Group, nearby three or four other House Groups. Every Area group is managed by an Associate Pastor, who routinely accumulates the House Group Leaders in their Area for advancement and request to God.

Some Area Groups likewise meet with all their House Group individuals together for different occasions as the year progressed, creating cooperation, administration, and mission.