Deliverance Meeting


DeliveranceThroughout the year we receive calls and emails from those desperate for their problems. Often times, the needs are such where quick kind of solution is needed. So for that, we as our church makes our self-available for those people on all Tuesdays, Sunday evenings and specials days, and make sure they receive their blessings before they leave the place.

We invite you all to travel our city and join us for the meeting with your family and loved ones.

In the Bible, “deliverance” conveys an overall picture of salvation through the hand of a loving and powerful God. It describes the full impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection being applied to and outworked in the lives of God’s people. And it signifies the fullness of freedom in Christ.

Venue: A J Hall, Kaloor, Cochin, Kerala
Time: 06.30 pm to 08.30 pm
Days: All Tuesdays throughout the year

Venue: Sanctuary of Grace, Vytilla, Above Renault Car Showroom, Cochin, Kerala
Time: 06.00 pm to 08.30 pm
Days: All Sunday evenings throughout the year