Charis 1 week Program

Charis Retreat Program – Multicultural Church for all the Family
Are you ready for the greatest, most exciting week of your life?

Well, You’ll love hanging out with new people and participate in countless Skills and activities that will help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually all week long. From Bible study, worship and more…

There’s something for everyone at these Camps. When we talk about “the summer of a lifetime,” we’re not talking about fun in the sun. This is where thousands of people come together each year to experience the life-changing, memory-making, taking awesomeness that will impact their lives forever

No matter what you like to do, you’ll be amazed to taste and feel the Presence and Love of God at these Camps. We’re talking about serious, work hard, sleep hard and wake up tomorrow to do it all over again… for 7 days and then you will be in the presence of the living, powerful, almighty God who loves you and wants to meet with you.

The God who serves has

Power to meet any need you may have…
To give you a new destiny…

To give you NEW LIFE!

This is your warm invitation to join us.